• Beginn:
  • Veranstaltungsort: Alfred Schnittke Akademie
  • Event: Liebe und Blut,

01.10.2022, 19:00 Uhr
Eintritt: 15,-/ 10,- €
Alfred Schnittke Akademie International, Max-Brauer-Allee 24, 22765 Hamburg

Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 1
Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 4, Op. 20
Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 5, Op. 38
Prokofiev Piano Suite Romeo und Julia op. 75

Tzuyin Lin, Klavier


Compare with the other two concerts of this project, the program that I choose for this
concert “Love in blood” is more lyrical and romantic.
From the piano sonata no.1 which shows the fire inside young man’s heart, to the
mysterious piano sonata no.4 narrating the restraint and introspective feeling hiding in
the heart, to the dreamy poetic piano sonata no.5 and to the most violent and ecstatic
love in the suite “Romeo and Juliet”, these piano works don’t have the brutal force,
mechanical rhythm or ironic character that usually shows in Prokofiev’s music. Instead,
they are all very intimate and tender, but inside the extremely beautiful zigzagging
melodies still can feel the varied and rich emotional power – like the different side of
love, which could remind us the feeling that we’ve been experienced in the life and
could also touch the part that we didn’t even know that exist inside our heart.
What is love? What is hate? What makes our life meaningful and valuable?
Let us exploring the answers in the lyrical musical works of S.Prokofiev!

Tzuyin Lin was born in Taipei in 1988 and began studying
piano with M.Shufan Chen at the age of four , and then
studied with M. Andrei Yeh (pupil of great russian pianist
Lev Naumov). She made her first public appearance at the
age of eight in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan.She also
study the violin with M.Chiengue Hung in Taiwan.

On completion of her studies in the grand tradition of the
russian piano schools, in 2009 she enrolled to the
legendary Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, studying
with M.Polina Fedotova for the next 6 years, and
graduated with the highest distinction. She studied further with M.Brenno
Ambrosini in Hamburg in 2013-14, and also with M.Cyprien Katsaris in Paris in
2016. She has also frequented in many masterclass, studying with the pianists:
Brenno Ambrosini, Dimitri Bashkirov, Benedetto Lupo, Alexander Kobrin, Roberto
Cappello, Erica Lux, Violetta Egorova, Leslie Howard, Francesco Nicolosi, Yuri
Hayrapetyan, Stanislav Igolinsky.

Winner at the Iternational Piano Competition “Price Viennese Musical Culture” ,
Yamaha International Piano Competition, As a result of her appearance at the New
Tang Dynasty International Piano Competition, she was invited to give the concert
in New York. Tzuyin has also won the First Prize in the international competition
“Alfred Schnittke”; First Prize of the international competition “ Francesco
Moscato“; the First Prize of the international competition “ Lucia Stefano S’Agata“;
Special Prize(Public’s Prize) in the international competition “ Sigismund Thalberg“

In chamber music, since 2013 she has collaborated with the russian pianist Daniil
Danilenko. since 2015 she has performed in duets with italian cellist Gerardo Maida,
since 2016 with the violinist Andrea Timpanaro and since 2017 with the violinist
Alessio Nicosia. She has also collaborated with Celia String Quartet in 2019, and
collaborated with violist James Collin since 2021. In these years, she has given
concerts in the many festivals. She performs as a solist and also collaborates with
other musicians in many concerts in Russia, Italy, Germany, Greece, France, Spain,
Portugal and Taiwan. Her performances win the hearts of the audience all over the
world and receive an enthusiastic acclaim by the press.

She performs the vast repertoire that consists of works by composers of different
styles and ages, from early Baroque to a contemporary music. Special mention
should be the 32 Sonatas of Beethoven. Her repertoire also includes many important
Piano Concertos, such as Rachmaninoff concerto no.2, Prokofiev concerto no.1,
no.3, no.4( for the left hand), Mendelssohn concerto no.1 , Chopin concerto no.2,
Mozart concerto k466, Beethoven concerto no.4, Shostakovich concerto no.1, no.2,
and Ravel concerto in G major.

Besides, from the early childhood she had an opportunity to learn from artists of
different profile: composers, instrumentalists, singers, violinists, classical ballet
dancers, painters. Thanks to such an experience she has grown up in a versatile
education in the performing art, which helps her now to collaborate with artists of
different background and style and to participate in any kind of artistic project. Being
not only a performer but a creator of the projects where music, literature, theatre and
dance are bonded together, she collaborates with the italian ballerina of the academy
Scala Theater Elisa Laviano. In February 2018 Tzuyin and Laviano presented their
new show “The Carnival- the double souls” , which is based on Schmann’s piano
work in Catania. She has also accepted a proposal to act in monologue „Eternal
Secret Love“ based on J.Brahms’ music and story as a leading female character. In
October 2018 she has collaborated with the Spanish ballerina Carmen Morant
Albelda in the show “Behind the Painting” based on Mussorgsky’s masterpiece
“Pictures at the Exhibition”.

Projects for 2020-2021 include the recording CD of the piano works of Italian
composer Matteo Musumeci. In 2021 – 250∘Anniversary of Beethoven she offered
a series of recitals of all the 32 Sonata of Beethoven in Italy, Germany, Russia and

As organizer, Tzuyin developed and leads different projects, among which it is worth

2016 till now : Artist Director and Founder of Gallery Orlando Cultural Society,
promoting concerts, competitions, exhibitions, Festivals.
2017 – 2018: Artist Director of Benefit Concert Season, which is based on the
love of humanity and music. All the incoming of the concerts are given to the
Benefit Association Ancillae Domini ONLUS, which help the poor people to overcome
poverty and injustice, and to provide them with food, water and shelter.
2018: Artist Director and Founder of “Finding the Lost Painting” Music-
Painting International Competition for Young Talents, with 100 contestants
from Italy, Germany, America, Cuba, Taiwan, China, Russia.
2018-2019: Artist Director of the Concert Season “Travel around the world with
the music” , which includes the concerts of the music of Germany, Norway, Taiwan,
America, Spain, etc.